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CBD topicals are something we’ve personally used to maintain our active lifestyles, and combat the aches and pains that come along with them. Aching and sore muscles are part of the game, but without the correct aftercare they can take you out of it entirely. By combining soothing ingredients like vitamin E, menthol and Tea Tree Oil with our high grade CBD formula isolate, we want to help your muscles recover by targeting pain at its source.

By applying our topicals to your skin, rather than experiencing a holistic effect from our CBD, it will hone in on the skin and muscles exactly where its applied. Because the body has cannabinoid receptors close to the surface of the skin, CBD can be used as targeted and specific muscle pain relief.

About fourfivecbd CBD Topicals

Throughout our careers we’ve been seeking a 100% natural supplement that we can trust, and that others can trust as well. By independently testing our CBD topicals in UK’s labs for THC content, pesticides, solvents, microbial contamination, and heavy metals, we can be confident that our products are exactly what they are advertised to be – totally transparent from seed to shelf.

We only use the most stringent CO2 extraction methods to harvest our CBD and only adhere to airtight manufacturing standards. Since the conception of fourfivecbd, we have been committed to protecting our customers by providing the highest quality and most rigorously tested products available. Like all of the CBD that goes into our products, we have lab test reports always available on our website for our customer’s peace of mind.

You can apply our CBD topicals anywhere and anytime, whenever sore muscles get in your way. They’re quick-acting and long-lasting, and above all soothing.

fourfivecbd understands what it’s like to live an active lifestyle. Between training, the gym, and everyday tasks, there seems to be little time to let our muscles recover properly from exercise, strain, or injury.

fourfivecbd’s CBD Topical collection includes a range of products designed by athletes for the active, from CBD Balm and CBD Muscle Rub. They’re made with 100% and they’re packed with CO2 extracted CBD isolate. Our CBD Topicals are also bursting with many natural botanical extracts that both protect and nourish the skin, ensuring a proper recovery from damage. Not only this, but they’re also THC-free, and safe for tested professionals and athletes alike.

It gets better when you see all their features:

  • Easy to use and can be applied without any fuss
  • Soft and smooth to the touch for daily use
  • 100% THC free
  • Complete with botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals, essential oils, and 300mg of CO2 extracted CBD isolate
  • Quickly absorbed into the skin for quick relief and recovery
  • Backed up by 3rd-party lab results, which are always available
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly, perfect for anyone and everyone
  • Our CBD isolate is sourced from herbicide and pesticide-free plants for the purest results
  • Easy to store, handy travel size tubs, to take along to the gym or tackling the outdoors.

How To Use fourfivecbd CBD Topicals

Both our CBD Muscle Rub and our CBD Balm are easy to use, and can be applied throughout the day without any fuss. Not only are they moisturizing, they’re also quickly absorbed into the skin. This ensures quick absorption for speedy results. They’re not greasy or sticky, and they feel very light on the skin — that way you can apply them and go.

Our Range of CBD Topicals

  • CBD Balm
  • CBD Muscle Rub
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