Useful guide on how to take CBD step-by-step

CBD: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Take It

As CBD becomes more and more accessible and popular, the ways in which it is presented, packaged, and consumed continues to grow. But if you’re new to taking CBD, you might be unaware of the most effective way to take it for your specific needs. 

Thankfully, the ways in which CBD can be consumed or applied are easily broken down into three broad categories (excluding vaping): Sublingual application (under the tongue), topical application (massaged into the skin), and edible digestion (simply ingesting it). But what is the best way for you to take CBD? How can you make sure you’re dosing it correctly?

For a step-by-step guide on how to take or apply CBD in its different forms, what makes each different and unique, and how to make sure you’re getting your doses correct, read on!

Sublingual Application: CBD Oil Drops

This is widely considered to be the most common method of consuming CBD, and is entirely simple to take. The oil is delivered using a pipette or spray and placed under the tongue. It is then left under the tongue for 60 seconds to give maximum absorption. 

Aside from vaping, this is seen as the quickest way to absorb CBD oil into your system. The oil comes into contact with the mucus membranes found in our mouths and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

The benefits of bypassing the digestive system are, quite simply, a much more rapid absorption rate. This means that the CBD will start to work more quickly and will be more acute. However, this form of ingestion is shorter lived, and could require more than one dose throughout the day. But, if you’re looking for more instant absorption so you can feel the benefits right away, sublingual drops or sprays are a great option. 

With the spray applicator used for our fourfivecbd CBD Oil, you get the added benefits of distributing the oil over a larger surface area as well as a foolproof dosing method, as outlined here:

Sprays:1 spray | 0.12ml2 sprays | 0.25ml3 sprays | 0.37ml
Dosage:4.1mg of CBD8.3mg of CBD12.4mg of CBD

At fourfivecbd, we recommend starting with 1/4 pipette (or 2 x sprays 3 times a day) of our 500mg CBD oil and slowly increasing as you see fit.

But you’re not just limited to spraying or applying under the tongue, CBD oil can also very easily be added to food. Keep in mind though that the absorption is slower using this method as the CBD must first travel through your digestive tract. Foods that are higher in fat can help your body absorb the CBD more effectively, and many people put a few drops (or sprays) into their morning flat whites or fresh pressed juices. 

We’d recommend trying our natural or orange flavoured CBD oils for easy dosing and excellent results.

Ingestion and Digestion: CBD Oil Capsules

Gel capsules are a great, mess-free way to know exactly how much CBD you are getting in a dose. Whether you want to add CBD capsules to your vitamin regime, or want to enjoy it in your morning coffee, there is no end to your options when considering your CBD capsule choices. 

With good reason, capsules are incredibly popular- they’re easy to take and don’t have the raw CBD flavor that oils do. But how does swallowing your CBD impact what kind of effects you’ll feel? 

Well, because your CBD capsule needs to be digested by the stomach and pass through the liver. The speed at which it is absorbed into your body and enters your bloodstream is slower than other ways we use CBD. But the benefit here is that they tend to be longer lasting and slower releasing.

Also, they couldn’t be easier to dose – all you need to do is calculate the amount of CBD supplement you want to take, and measure out the amount of capsules accordingly. CBD capsules have longer lasting and milder effects, and can be taken anytime.

We’d recommend trying our CBD capsules if you crave that mild CBD feeling from sun-up to sun-down.

Topical Application: CBD Balm

Carrier oils and creams can be infused with CBD oil for easy application to the skin. CBD topicals are applied directly to the external area where you would like to feel the effects of the CBD ,and don’t actually enter the bloodstream. Instead, they interact with endocannabinoid receptors that are close to the surface of the skin.

This creates a very targeted effect that does not travel throughout the body but is directed to the area in which it’s applied. Topicals can be applied to help with muscle aches and pains, or to soothe irritated skin. If you are looking for a very directed application of CBD to help soothe muscles or skin, topicals are a great alternative to ingesting CBD.

We’d recommend trying our CBD muscle rub after a workout – just apply like you would any other lotion or balm!

Taking CBD: A Few Tips

The most important thing to remember when taking CBD oil for the first time is to start small and slowly work out the appropriate dosage once you gauge your body’s reaction.

Starting on a lower strength allows you to find your base level, and then you can build from there – slowly increasing after a week or so if you don’t get the benefits you’re seeking. We would always suggest obtaining guidance from a medical professional before you jump into the world of CBD, especially if you have a serious condition.

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