How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel

How Does CBD Make You Feel

The internet is full of blogs, testimonials, and reviews about how CBD products make us as individuals feel. Another natural cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, CBD (cannabidiol) is a relative of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) but an important difference is that while THC can produce euphoric effects, CBD does not make you feel high.

THC and CBD interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS, which is responsible for regulating bodily functions like sleep, inflammation, and anxiety. Cannabinoids, then, are thought to potentially supplement the healthy functioning of the ECS.

So how does CBD make you feel, then? Along with what CBD actually does, there are many external factors that can impact CBD’s effects on us as well. These can include the type of CBD product you are using, the total dosage you are administering, and unique physiological factors that range from person to person. But there are other, less direct things to consider the quality of the CBD, the traceability of the product and the standards used to verify its purity, the integrity of the company supplying the product and their adherence to accountability.

All of these things are important, so let’s take a closer look.

CBD vs THC: Does CBD Make You Feel Good?

So what does CBD feel like if it doesn’t get you high? A better way to think about this might be to think about the things that CBD might make you not feel. If you take away all of the considerations mentioned above, there’s an increasing pool of research that suggests CBD has the potential to help with depression and anxiety and even manage pain these could both lead to feeling more relaxed and better overall. Because CBD is thought to support our ECS to work more efficiently, there is no tell-tale feeling to grasp onto.

Although findings have been promising so far, there’s a long way to go to make any definitive claims about CBD’s potential. What’s much more important to consider about how CBD will make you feel is to think about all of those external factors mentioned above.

But since so many of us can’t help but immediately think of THC when CBD is mentioned, this is a poignant place to start.

Different CBD Strengths Have Different Effects

fourfivecbd capsules are again available in different strengths. Our CBD capsules 300mg and 600mg are also broad spectrum and vegetarian friendly — just like our oils and topicals. They’re, just like all of our other CBD products – third party lab tested, free of pesticides and herbicides, contain natural ingredients, and are completely tasteless. Try our 300mg capsules if you’re new to CBD, or our 600mg capsules if you require a higher dosage throughout the day.

fourfivecbd’s topicals, as they do not enter the bloodstream, can be used throughout the day as needed. All you need to do is apply the balm, muscle rub or joint gel to the skin until absorbed. Our range of topicals include a CBD balm, CBD muscle rub, and new CBD Joint Gel — each used for targeting very specific areas. They all contain 300mg of pure CBD isolate, are vegetarian friendly, and third party lab tested for full transparency.

Different CBD Products Have Different Effects

Different methods of using or consuming CBD will make you feel differently, and there’s a simple reason for this how they are absorbed by the body. How CBD enters the body can determine what kind of product will work best for you, so how do the common forms of taking CBD compare to each other?

CBD Hemp Oil

CBD hemp oil enters our bodies via the membrane on the bottom part of our tongue and quickly enters the bloodstream. Because CBD oil isn’t digested and enters straight into the bloodstream CBD compounds don’t get broken down by enzymes the way they would if they were ingested. So it goes to work interacting with the ECS fairly immediately. This rapid absorption rate means that whatever the effects, although punctuated by this quick absorption, don’t last as long.

CBD Balms

Balms, rather than being ingested, are applied directly to the skin. As you can imagine, this means that CBD balms don’t actually enter the bloodstream. Instead, when applied to the skin, CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system via receptors that exist close to the surface of the skin.

So even though CBD balms don’t make their way into the bloodstream, you can still feel the effects of CBD specifically in the area where it’s applied. This creates a targeted effect, such as regular muscle balms and rubs.

Different Types of CBD Have Different Effects

To add another factor into this equation, there are different types of CBD to consider: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate.

But why do these categories exist in the first place, and why do they make a difference to how CBD can make you feel? There’s a thread of thought here that suggests that the combination of cannabinoids can have a better effect than just one or a few in what’s called the Entourage Effect. So, full spectrum CBD, with its many various cannabinoids acting together, are thought to potentially make us feel better than broad spectrum or CBD isolate.

Although the legal amount of THC in CBD products is safe and will not result in euphoria, the simple presence of other cannabinoids is thought to make a difference, although again there isn’t enough hard evidence or research to back this up. This isn’t to say that full spectrum is always preferable if you have concerns about CBD drug testing for a job or athleticism, you’ll want a broad spectrum or isolate CBD product to ensure 0% THC, like fourfivecbd’s 0% THC CBD Oil Spray.

Other Factors That Affect How CBD Feels

Besides the factors mentioned above, the quality of the CBD, the traceability of the product, the standards used to verify its purity, the integrity of the company supplying the product, and their adherence to accountability can all affect how CBD makes you feel. This is because all of these things can throw the quality or amount of CBD and other substances within your CBD.

The world of CBD can be a misleading one. For example, the differences between THC, CBD, and Hemp Seed oil can, and in many instances do, present consumers with confusing information about what their product actually contains. A lot of the reason this happens hinges on less-than-noble marketing tactics and can indeed mislead consumers intentionally.

Since CBD and hemp seed oil are in the same cannabis family, they’re often misleadingly marketed as the same thing when they’re anything but. It’s probably not too surprising to hear that a lot of it comes down to capitalism. And, the reverse is true as well. Some products that are ‘marketed’ as CBD might contain higher levels of THC.

As well, there is a lack of robust regulatory standards for CBD.This means that your CBD oil might not just contain CBD, but a wide array of substances that can be considered the byproduct of less expensive growing, harvesting, and extracting methods. CBD products could contain any of the following if this is the case:

  • Pesticides. Cheap pesticides that contain potentially harmful chemicals are one way in which companies may be trying to cut costs.
  • Heavy Metals. These could come from pesticides, but also from sub-standard growing environments which contain high amounts of air and soil pollution.
  • Mold. Companies may be storing their hemp in un-ideal and cheaper ways. If this hemp has to contend with the elements, it may become damp and moldy.
  • Dilutors. Non-natural chemical dilutors are easier to obtain and much cheaper than organic ones.
  • THC. Sound CBD extraction methods are also expensive this means that a CBD product may contain more THC than advertised because it’s cheaper to use a less robust method.

Shady companies that are ‘cutting’ their CBD oils stand to make an immense profit. And, the consumer is the victim at the end of the day, shelling out money and thinking they’ve purchased a legitimate product. If you buy CBD for any of the things it might potentially help with, you might not experience any benefit if your product doesn’t actually contain the amount of CBD stated.

If you’re an athlete who wants to try CBD and wind up with a product that has a higher than legal limit of THC, you could be in big trouble if you’re randomly asked to do a drugs test. THC’s legal status and risks therein aren’t the only thing that could be bad about this though what if you adversely react to the THC in the product but can’t identify what about your CBD isn’t right?

Choosing a CBD Product: How to be Careful

So then, what can the consumer do to be as careful as possible when traversing the wild terrain that is the contemporary CBD market?

  • Read the Label If the actual amount of CBD contained in the product is not listed, you should wonder what’s in the product you’re paying for. You should also be careful to avoid products that contain ‘hemp seed oil’ this is a pretty good indication that the product doesn’t actually have CBD in it.
  • Ask for a Third Party Laboratory Test Report/COA and Learn to Read Them- When it comes to trusting a CBD product, only buy from a company that provides a COA, or certificate of analysis. This acts as proof that a third-party, independent lab tested the product for things like the harmful substances mentioned above as well as the true CBD and THC content of the product. If the company cannot provide this, chances are they’re trying to hide something.
  • Buy from Well Known and Trusted Brands Luckily for the reputation of CBD as a whole, many companies are making it their dedicated mission to getting their products independent lab tested, to growing, harvesting, and extracting their CBD in environmentally friendly and safe ways. fourfivecbd is leading the way in this pursuit.
  • Remember the Importance of Traceability If a company is dedicated to honesty and transparency, it should be easy to trace your product from seed to shelf. What has its journey been to get to you?

fourfivecbd do, and will continue to, strive to redefine the benchmark of the CBD industry. That means that they adhere to the things consumers need to be able to trust a product traceability, purity, quality, and accountability. Their 3rd party lab reports are easily available online, and if you have any questions or concerns, their customer service is always available to help. This kind of innovation is desperately needed industry-wide, however, to ensure that we can all get the desired effects from the CBD products we buy.

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    I specifically like CBD Isolate products because they do not contain any THC so I have peace of mind in the case that I have to take a drug test for work because I work for Border Patrol.

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