The pros and cons of a 20 minute workout

Is a 20-Minute Workout Effective?

In order to build our stamina and strength, we need to push ourselves past the point of comfort to raise our heart rate. But at what point have we done enough? While some people can work out for over an hour, others prefer quick bursts. In general, the key is to know your limits and avoid overworking yourself. If you push yourself too hard you’re much more prone to injury and stiffness.

We all have different levels of fitness. What works for one may not work for the next. It’s safe to say that a 20 minute workout is going to have different results for different people. While 20 minutes is obviously better than nothing, it really depends on what you do with those minutes.

What Happens in 20 Minutes of Exercise?

The Goldilocks point for exercise arrives after your heart rate has been elevated for a couple of minutes — this is when your body really benefits from exercise. Your metabolism picks up, your breathing rate increases, and all the benefits of exercise are magnified.

This is often the moment when your endorphins increase, giving you a ‘runners’ high’ — an intense happiness that can carry you through the exercise and leave your mood elevated for hours. This can kick-in as early as five minutes into a workout, working out fairly intensively for the next ten minutes, before cooling down for the remaining five. 

Taking a CBD supplement alongside these short, intense workouts can potentially aid recovery and boost results: increasing metabolism and circulation, promoting healthy digestion and improving general health.

How to Maximise Your Results: HIIT

An energetic, 20-minute workout is commonly known as HIIT, or high intensity interval training. It raises your heart rate, builds muscle, strength, and power, and incinerates calories. The more you push yourself and the less time you spend recovering in between sets, the more you’ll benefit.

However, a 20 minute, slow-paced walk has quite different results. If you’re not breaking a sweat then the chances are that you’re not going to get much more than, well, fresh air. Although, if you’re starting out and aren’t ready for high intensity yet, then this is a stepping stone. To make it slightly more advanced, try walking at a fast pace and build it up as you get more used to it.

The same can be said for people who do too much. If you’re fit but have been inactive, then jumping straight into an intense 20 minute workout is going to damage your body more than help it. The recovery process will take much longer, meaning that you won’t be able to train the next day — or the day after that! Using a CBD muscle rub to aid with your recovery can help with post-workout strains.

Diet Plays a Big Role in Effectiveness

Your expectations could come to a stand-still if you’re not making amendments to your diet. Whether you’re working out for 20 minutes or 100 minutes, you won’t notice your efforts until you change your eating habits. This doesn’t have to mean restricting or starving yourself either! 

If you’re already eating well and working out intensely, there shouldn’t be a need to restrict yourself. Although, if your goal is to lose weight, then replacing bad eating habits with good ones will help in the long run.

In order to make the most of a 20 minute workout, decreasing your caloric intake can help you to lose weight faster — if that’s your goal. There’s no need to decrease it drastically, especially if your diet is already healthy . Also, be aware that restricting your caloric intake should never exceed more than 500 calories below the recommended intake.

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