CBD Oil 2000mg

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When you’re active all day, you need a supplement that is potent enough to keep up with all of it. Our 2000mg CBD Oil does this without a problem. The high CBD dosage and spray bottle presentation are the perfect combo.

Made with 100% natural, vegan and vegetarian friendly ingredients, our 2000mg CBD Oil is perfect for those seeking a potent CBD supplement that can help them maintain and promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

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About fourfivecbd 2000mg CBD Oil

We carefully developed our CO2 extraction process to offer you the best CBD Oil possible, and we designed our spray bottle to be the simplest way to dose your CBD.

We keep our ingredients 100% natural and vegan/vegetarian friendly to make CBD available to anyone – and we make sure that our 3rd party lab results are always available for your peace of mind.

It’s full of great features – here they are:

  •  One 30ml Bottle Contains 2000mg of Full Spectrum CBD
  •  It Comes in a Spray Bottle for Convenience
  • Every Spray Can Be a Dose, and Each Bottle Contains Up to 240 Sprays
  • CO2 Extraction Process
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Easy to Dose
  • Small and Portable
  • Orange and Natural Flavours Available
  • 100% Herbicide and Pesticide Free
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested

How To Use fourfivecbd 2000mg CBD Oil

To use our 2000mg CBD Oil:

  1. Spray your dose under your tongue
  2. Swallow, and then wash down with water or your favourite drink

Simple and quick to take, you can dose throughout the day at your convenience. Also, dosing is  easy, as you can see here:

Dosing fourfivecbd 2000mg CBD Oil

No. Of SpraysCBD Dosage (in Milligrams)
1 Spray (0.12ml)8.3mg
2 Spray (0.25ml)16.6mg
3 Sprays (0.37ml)24.9mg

All you need to do is calculate your dosage into how many sprays you need, and rest easy! But we’d like to mention that we do not recommend exceeding a 100mg CBD supplement dose in one day.


  • Full spectrum cannabis extract
  • Medium chain triglyceride oil



Natural, Orange

2 reviews for CBD Oil 2000mg

  1. Jessica

    I started using this CBD spray to help curb the chronic pain I experience from an underlying health issue. It was super important for me to find a CBD product that was really good quality, and the availability of fourfive’s lab reports made it really easy to see that they’re dedicated to top quality. I feel less pain and it works quickly and effectively. Honestly, thank you!

    • Dom Day

      Full transparency is important to us. Let us know if you need anything else.


  2. Martin Simmons (verified owner)

    I was recommended this product by a professional rugby player to combat chronic back pain from a climbing accident years ago. Despite using prescription painkillers for years without much success once I started using this CBD oil I found pain levels decreased significantly and was able to get regular and restful sleep for the first time in years.
    I’m totally converted to four five CBD oil and can’t recommend this product enough.

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