CBD Oil 500mg

(138 customer reviews)

Our 500mg CBD Oil was designed for the active. Complete with the purest industrial hemp, this CBD Oil is easy to dose, easy to use, and great to take with you wherever you go.

Our CBD Oil has been designed to fit your lifestyle and schedule. It’s meant to fit into your busy day with ease so you can dose CBD without any fuss.

£30.00 or £24.00 / month


About fourfivecbd 500mg CBD Oil

As professional athletes, we found it hard to take time to dose CBD and we decided to change that by designing our unique line of CBD Oils. When designing our 500mg CBD Oil, we wanted to set it apart by making it easy to dose, easy to take, and natural. Here are its unique features:

  •  Each Bottle Contains 500mg of industrial hemp(CBD)
  •  Unique Spray Bottle Presentation
  • Every Bottle Is Enough for Approximately 240 Sprays
  • CO2 Extracted
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Easy to Dose
  • Portable
  • Orange and Natural Flavours
  • Herbicide and Pesticide Free
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly
  • 3rd Party LabTested

How To Use fourfivecbd 500mg CBD Oil

Using our 500mg CBD Oil is simple – all you have to do is spray it under your tongue and go!

Dosing fourfivecbd 500mg CBD Oil

No. Of Sprays CBD Dosage (in Milligrams)
1 Spray (0.12ml) 2.0mg
2 Spray (0.25ml) 4.1mg
3 Sprays (0.37ml) 6.2mg

As you can see, dosing our 500mg CBD is easy, but we do have some recommendations. First, we suggest starting at 2 to 3 sprays per day, and working up from there. We advise against exceeding 70mg of CBD supplement per day.

Natural oil Ingredients

  • Industrial Hemp
  • Medium chain triglyceride oil

View Our Lab Report here.


Natural, Orange

138 reviews for CBD Oil 500mg

  1. Rebekah

    I can’t get enough of this CBD Oil or the spray applicator! I’m always running around and never have time to dose out CBD oil when I need it to work quickly, so the spray applicator and the easy dosing were a godsend. I was expecting next day delivery – but overall I’m really pleased with this product.

    • Dom Day

      Thanks Rebekah, the spray heads are hygienic and accurate for dosing. Glad your enjoying.


  2. Carol Flint

    I think it is helping me i prob need the next srength up but can’t afford to pay £100 a month. I take it for arthritis

    • Dom Day

      Hi Carol, if you subscribe you can get 15% off. Give us a call to talk you through it.


  3. joanne McBrearty (verified owner)

    I bought this specifically for my husband and his arthritis, he has not noticed any difference although his general well being and mood has definitely improved. He will definitely be ordering again

    • Dom Day

      Hi Joanne, I would suggest adjusting dosage until you get the benefits you are after.

      Please give us a call and we can help you out.


  4. Lyn (verified owner)

    I chose this product based on it being developed by rugby players and concluded it should be safe. I take it for arthritis but kept an open mind as I didn’t expect too much from it. I was surprised that it worked within days and thought I had subconsciously believed it would work. I gave myself a gap after using the first bottle and when starting on the second one was curious it would work so quickly again. It did. It helps my hands so much. I am able to hold things again and twist tops off. Thank you.

  5. Carole Forbes (verified owner)

    Excellent product being used for arthritic knee pain. Happy that it is working well .

  6. Luke Corr (verified owner)

    These are really great products. The package was great to unbox too, lot’s of nice little touches. Thank you for the free hand sanitiser! Great freebie to have in these times. I’ll definitely be buying again but I’ll go for the 1000mg instead as I take around 25mg CBD per day for anxiety and knee pain.
    5 stars all around, thanks!

  7. Karen Jakobsen (verified owner)

    CBD oil was recommended to me by my daughter. I am just on my first bottle. It’s easy to take, the taste is an acquired one, but it is helping me with anxiety and arthritic knee pain. Thank you.

    • Dom Day

      Hi Karen, if you struggle with the flavour then I would suggest maybe trying capsules or try putting it in a smoothie. Thanks for the comment.


  8. Laura Powell (verified owner)

    Brilliant product! Will certainly be buying more. Thanks for the free hand sanitiser, perfect freebie for these times.

    • Dom Day

      No problem Laura. Glad you are liking the products.


  9. Josh Nutton (verified owner)

    I am still in my first week of using the product but I am already experiencing deeper sleep at night and a more natural circadian rhythm. I decided to try CBD oil after listening to George on the Take Flight podcast with Mark Whittle and hearing about its natural pain relief qualities. I have been managing a number of injuries for several years and the long-term effects of using painkillers concerned me. Finding an effective natural alternative will hopefully be hugely beneficial to me. Going forward, I will probably need to try using a stronger dose but from what I have experienced with this product so far, I will most definitely be sticking with fourfivecbd.
    Thanks again!

    • Dom Day

      Hi Josh, quality of sleep is the first thing I noticed when I started taking CBD. Before buying a stronger product maybe try upping the dosage on your current bottle and see how it works, otherwise you may spend more money without needing to.


  10. Aaron Barnett

    Recovery and restoration is vital to me and what a great product to support that. Helps to take the edge off of physical and mental stresses and taking a couple of sprays is often the catalyst to other healthy practices I might otherwise neglect.
    Not usually a fan of subscriptions but this was definitely one worth signing up for. The bottle always arrives just in time!

    • Dom Day

      Awesome Aaron, you can adjust the subscription length also. If you give us a call we would be happy to help with that.


  11. Richard Shields (verified owner)

    I’m new to cbd oils, but I chose fourfivecbd because it was developed by rugby players and concluded it should be safe. I take it for arthritis and muscle pain after exercise. But I have to say the overall health benefits I feel is amazing.
    I would highly recommend this product .
    Thank you fourfivecbd🙂

    • Dom Day

      Thanks Rich, safety is paramount for us as a company and something we work extremely hard on.


  12. Lewis Mckissick (verified owner)

    Really helping with my sleep quality. Will
    Purchase again.

    • Dom Day

      Awesome, thanks for the feedback Lewis.


  13. Nic

    As a runner I get a lot of niggles. Over the last 6 months of taking this i have found such a marked difference in being able to maintain my programme and recover quicker each session. Ace.

  14. June (verified owner)

    I’ve had problems with my neck and shoulders that had also impacted my sleep. An osteopath friend recommended fourfiveCBD oil which I have been using now since February and it’s definitely helped me to sleep better. Very easy to use with just a couple of sprays under the tongue each evening. I’ve already recommended it to many of my friends.

  15. Gavin Moloney (verified owner)

    Excellent quality product and very decent people to deal with. Recommend.

  16. Carl Smith (verified owner)

    The 45CBD oil is a great product. It helps me to manage the symptoms I encounter with my MS condition. Cannot speak highly enough about both the products and the customer service.

  17. Adrian Deans (verified owner)

    The spray applicator is excellent
    Helping with my neck and shoulder pain and sleeping alot better
    Highly Recommended

  18. Malcolm Frener (verified owner)

    My wife and I have both been using your oil and balm for some time now. We have both noticed a positive effect – especially Jackie as she had continual bad hip joint pain which has just about gone now. She thinks it is fantastic and is always nagging me to make sure we don’t run out!! We certainly wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. Not just because we are huge Sarries fans but because it is a great product that is really well researched.

  19. Andy McKay

    I started taking this to combat the effects on my knee when skiing. It was a massive improvement. Still needs ice & stretches but no more ibuprofen. The swelling was massively reduced too meaning back to ‘normal’ much quicker post-holiday. I don’t really get much pain, just discomfort from the swelling so can’t comment on pain relief but I now take it all the time. Tastes much better than other brands too so stick to the natural flavour.

  20. Clara

    I have purchased this product for my parents to use for their arthritis. It has definitely eased their symptoms and also resulted in better sleep for my mum who has struggled with insomnia. Service and speed of delivery always excellent.

  21. Simon Gammon

    Great product 5*

  22. T Howe (verified owner)

    I have been using fourfivecdb 500mg oil for 6 months. I train 3/5 times a week and it has added recovery post workouts and has increased the quality of my sleep. I would highly recommend the product.

  23. Jonni Webster

    Have been using cbd for around 6 months now. Use it instead of pain killers for knee pain whilst skateboarding. I have noticed a massive improvement and can’t recommend highly enough.

  24. Robin Oakham

    Great product. Very easy to use.I have found that it really helps with sleep quality. I think it is also helping with arthritic pain in my fingers.
    Thank you for the free hand sanitiser! Great freebie to have in these times

  25. Joshua Laird (verified owner)

    Started using this 3 times a day just over a week ago and I cannot recommend this enough. My mood has shifted in a positive way and it has helped me regulate my sleeping pattern. Will 100% purchase again in the future. Great work, great product👍

  26. Charlie Miller

    I recently increased the dosage and will almost certainly do so again. I find I sleep much better and my aches and pains are much reduced.

  27. Paul

    This is the 3rd CBD oil I’ve used and the one I’ll be sticking with. Spray applicator great for dosing, was never quite sure using pipettes. Knowing how much I’m taking coupled with the right strength,
    I’ve noticed a definite improvement in mood during stressful days. Quality of sleep has improved and I believe it has made small improvements to patches of psoriasis

  28. Tim Fowler (verified owner)

    Both my wife and I have used the spray and the muscle rub and both are fantastic products. The quality, packaging and service are all top notch.

  29. Andy

    I’ve been using this product for over a year now and I’m very glad I decided to add fourfivecbd to my daily routine. Helps me sleep, relax and recover. Can’t recommend this product enough to anyone who struggles with sleep. Awesome.

  30. Colin Matthews

    I am very pleased with the CBD spray, I use it early evening and have had a good nights sleep since I have been taking it. In the morning my joints are a lot more flexible.

  31. Alex Tsaplin

    Overall it helps with recovering from exercise / gym quickly. My legs can be sore and when taking this CBD oil next morning I’m totally fine as if nothing happened. Allows for very fast recovery and taking pain away. These are the best oils I’ve tried and I’ve tried quite a few. Dosage is precise with the spray applicator. Hands down the best oil out there.

  32. Craig

    Certainly has helped me recover from injury and has helped with day to day work stress and keeping illnesses away.

  33. Duncan

    Have used for joint pain / stiffness when things flare up and have found it provides relief quickly. Good quality product for sure!

  34. Sarah

    Excellent service and delivery always on time, even during these difficult times, plus my delivery in March ’20 came with a free hand sanitiser – Thank you! . I like the spray action of the CBD bottle, it’s easy to take quickly and efficiently, and you can measure dosage. The orange flavour is pleasant. I take the product for anxiety & have been doing so for 12 months & i find it is very effective in helping with this. As an unexpected bonus i feel it has eased mild arthritic pain. I wanted to know if it was a placebo effect and after 6 months I took a 3 month break from taking it, to find the anxiety return and the pain come back. After taking again the benefits returned, which I feel confirms it’s effectiveness. I have taken advantage of the subscription which gives 15% off and ensures you have the oil delivered the same time every month. Also I was worried about any traces of THC due to my job so I looked at a number of companies and read and watched lots of reviews, but I decided on this company because it is based in the UK and I feel assured that as it is developed for the sports community by sports professionals that it wouldn’t have any trace elements of the wrong kind, as the company states. Thank you FourFivecbd for the excellent product and service.

  35. Chris Mimmack

    The oil works well, reduces the inflammation in my hands (rheumatoid arthritis). Doesn’t taste too bad either

  36. David Nash

    As with any supplement, unless you’re in laboratory conditions, it’s hard to judge whether they’re working – but in general I’d say that if you think something is doing you good, then it probably is.
    I’ve been using the 1000mg spray for a while now as I’d been having back pain from an old rugby injury (not quite at the same level as Dom and George, though!). Having used their CBD for a number of months now, I feel as though my back pain has eased to a much more manageable level. An additional bonus is that levels of stress and anxiety have also been greatly reduced. I’ve also noticed an increase in sleep quality and in how I recover after training, which again are both welcome bonuses!
    All in all, I’d definitely recommend trying the product, if you’re at all undecided.

  37. Nicola (verified owner)

    Really happy with this product, always speedy delivery and the spray applicator for easy use. It helps me sleep and takes the edge off anxiety at night.

  38. Charlie Miller

    I’m recovering from a serious motorbike accident and find that using CBD Oil really helps me sleep better. My mobility has improved noticeably as well. Great product.

  39. Claudia

    I love FourFive CBD oil. I have used it regularly for both physical recovery from training and to help with anxiety. Once ordered, it arrives quickly, is high quality and the team has always been really friendly and helpful with any questions and queries I have.

  40. Mike Oswick (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Used by my family. Subscription service means I’ll never be without.

  41. Andy McKay

    Great product and the spray is so much easier (& less messy) than the dropper. Really helps with the lack of cartilage in my knee.

  42. Robert

    Definitely helps my body relax and has helped with my recent foot injury – recommend!

  43. MICKY BRIGG (verified owner)


  44. Graham Doig (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Seem to be sleeping better, and knee pain has diminished hugely!

  45. Jonny (verified owner)

    As my introduction to CBD Oil, i’ve found the product very easy to use, the spray bottle works perfectly, and I have already started to notice some of the benefits during my first two weeks of using the product, particularly in regard to quality of sleep and general aches. Will definitely use again.

  46. Ryan Arpe (verified owner)

    Great quality product and am already feeling the difference. I would start with the 500mg before going the next level up as you may not need to get a stronger version.

  47. Lila

    I am leaving this review for my mum. She currently takes the lower dose spray. She had a very bad stroke almost 2 years ago, and now wheelchair bound and quite severe loss of cognitive function inc speech. She also has osteoarthritis, particularly bad in hips and shoulders. Even on the lower dose she has said it has helped her pain and movement. I’ve not been able to find any research into it, but the thing we were most surprised was the affect on her speech, as there was a noticeable improvement. Maybe related to less pain? Not sure, but she couldn’t be happier with it!

  48. Suzy Connolly (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly.
    Very easy to use the appropriate amount.
    Inoffensive taste so no problem holding under tongue.
    Not been using long enough to advise re. efficacy yet.

  49. Dave (verified owner)

    Excellent product with great, palatable flavour. Delivered promptly, well presented in an attractive package. First use of CBD, and I haven’t really been using it long enough to draw too many conclusions, but my general wellbeing has improved.

  50. Andrew Skelton (verified owner)

    First time user of CBD products and the orange flavour oil has been an instant hit. Noticeable relief from aches and definitely sleeping better, already on my second bottle and part of my daily routine for vitamins and supplements. Highly recommend!

  51. Tim Mallard (verified owner)

    Even during the lock-down I received my order in less than 48hrs… My Mother, for hwom the order was placed, is really looking forward to seeing, and feeling, the results… The product is beautifully packaged and I’m very, very grateful to Dr Elizabeth Philipps of FourFive for her help and guidance on dosage….

  52. Myles (verified owner)

    Really impressed with the product and have already noticed the benefits after a couple of weeks. It was delivered in less than 48 hours which was impressive for the price!

  53. Lau (verified owner)

    Fast acting product! Was pleasantly surprised with the results. Have only been using for 1 week but can already notice results 🙌🏻 Thank you fourfivecbd

  54. Cathy (verified owner)

    I got this for my dad as he stopped chemo and is such an active person so quality of life is what we want for him now , fishing , walking , cycling and getting to get on he’s boat after this pandemic . He has already seen a result in a week on he’s joints as he walks the fields a lot with he’s dog . I plan on ordering some for myself 👌 Thanks Dom and all at CBD

  55. Edward (verified owner)

    I really like this product. I have found more of an impact using the muscle rub as I have chronic back pain, however the oil also shows a noticeable improvement.

  56. Lesley Gee (verified owner)

    As I’m in lockdown I couldn’t visit my physio for my back pain so I thought I’d try this cbd oil. I have to say I wasn’t expecting much but it really has helped – my back isn’t perfect (but then I’ve only been using it for a few days)but it’s manageable👍! Thank you so much – I’ll definitely keep using it😊!!

  57. Oliver Raimond (verified owner)

    Originally purchased to help general recovery and sleep. I have also noticed real improvement in post exercise knee pain which has been troublesome after historical surgeries.

  58. James England (verified owner)

    This product has been absolutely amazing. Sleeping well is something that I have had recent struggles with. Tried two sprays a night at first which left me feeling a little groggy in the mornings, lile i’d had a really dewp aleep.
    One and a half sprays under the tongue now and I wake up feeling fresh and ready to start each day, almost like I’m revolutionized if i’m honest!
    Have recommended this to many already.
    Thank you. You have a regular customer in me!

  59. James Hawe (verified owner)

    Great product and exceptional customer service

  60. David Baxter (verified owner)

    Great help with my sleep and post workouts.

  61. Oliver Smith (verified owner)

    Brilliant product and fast results. Highly recommend.

  62. Sam Dunn (verified owner)

    Really happy, have used this for back pain and better sleep before work. I have had mixed feelings about CBD products before but thought I would try this having been a rugby and Saracens fan. I figured this would be a reliable product being used by rugby players, and would help in my sporting interests.
    The very quick delivery was great and so far I use it in the morning and evening. I quite like the orange flavour and find the spray easy to use. I may try capsules to see if I prefer them, but so far I’m really happy with the spray.

  63. Thomas Reilly (verified owner)

    Very happy with this CBD oil! I noticed the benefits straight away 🙂

  64. Joe (verified owner)

    Similarly to some other reviews, I chose this as it has been developed by athletes to support a active lifestyle. So far I only have positive comments, it definitely helps relieve tension, especially post / the day after tough exercise. For me I feel it certainly helps with relaxing in general too.

  65. Tom Cooper (verified owner)

    Great Product! The orange flavouring makes it easier to take and I noticed the benefits almost immediately from sleeping better to faster recovery after exercise!!

  66. Neil

    Really excellent product. The spray applicator is perfect for dosing. I had previously used other brands droppers and always had problems getting the dose right. With fourfivecbd this is never a problem

  67. Will wimmer

    Does wonders for my sleep and recovery! Can’t recommend it enough.

  68. medyr llewelyn (verified owner)

    Its early days but have found that it has help with my sleep and recovery from training. Thinking about buying the massage / join products next to further help muscle recovery.

  69. Michael Stubbs (verified owner)

    Bought this product for my mother in laws painfull arthritic hips works a treat easy to drose and keep clean

  70. William Dart (verified owner)

    Was using another brand for quite some time and was never 100% pleased with the product, tried this out after getting good results from the CBD muscle rub and have been very happy! A clear and positive change in my sleeping habits and overall well-being as a result. Very very impressed!

  71. Catherine (verified owner)

    I thought I’d try this for dreadful restless legs to cut back on meds, only been using for a couple of days but there seems to be a fairly noticeable improvement. Would take a higher strength but it’s a bit cost prohibitive at the moment! Also, didn’t realise there was a flavoured option – might give that a go next time.

  72. Olly (verified owner)

    Never taken anything like this before, so thought I’d try fourfive because of the development by elite sportsmen – I’ve use it for physical recovery for a few weeks now and my muscles definitely are less achy and I’ve been sleeping much better. Very pleased

  73. James Peel (verified owner)

    Wanted to try this for my sleep. I haven’t noticed a significant change there, however, it has really helped with long standing neck and shoulder pain (probably rsi). The spray formula is superb. East, quick, convenient. It just works.

  74. Mike Hall (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the service. an excellent product. Permanatly switched to the spray and recommended to several friends.

  75. Tom (verified owner)

    Great product and love the innovative spray head!

  76. Ben (verified owner)

    Have been using to help with sleep and have found it to really help

  77. Nunzio Mola (verified owner)

    I have had painfully joints & knees for years, Since I have been taking Fourfive CBD oil the pain has gone . This has been the only cure that has worked 100% for me, I kick a football again .

  78. Tori (verified owner)

    Been using for just a few days and noticed the difference. Easy to use also!

  79. Ollie Hopkins (verified owner)

    This oil is great, we are both sleeping really well and feeling really sharp in the day. easy to use and the orange flavour is great.

  80. Robin Coates (verified owner)

    Been using this for a week or so and already felt the difference, much better nights sleep and less stiffness/DOMS after training

  81. Maftin (verified owner)

    Happy with the product overall. Will probably need a higher strength… gamechanger

  82. James (verified owner)

    It arrived promptly. It seems to be good quality. I think it helped me to get to sleep.

  83. Shep (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the product for a year and have certainly noticed the difference in my arthritic, rugby broken body! It’s been a real positive.

  84. Tom R. (verified owner)

    Love this product. Works a treat for me!

  85. James Young (verified owner)

    The spray makes taking the right dose so easy and with no mess. Delivery and service was super quick and faultless. Would highly recommend.

  86. Matthew Jackson (verified owner)

    Great product

  87. Carrie (verified owner)

    Speed of delivery was excellent and packaging was lovely. I’ve only been using it for a week so havent yet noticed any changes to my migraines but I’ll keep using and keep a record and will re review.

  88. Tim Fowler (verified owner)

    Everything we’ve bought from Fourfive has been brilliant and this is no exception. Helps with both asthma and hay fever.

  89. Aaron (verified owner)

    First time user of CBD oil and can honestly say i am hooked! As a very active person I have found that I am sleeping much better and recovering quickly also. Thanks guys!

  90. Nick Court (verified owner)

    Really like this. I tried it to help with sleep and anxiety, 2 sprays in the morning and 4 at night works well. Find the spray a bit awkward to get under the tongue but otherwise it’s perfect.

  91. Ed Jay (verified owner)

    Great quick service. Lot’s of info on the site which helped me make a decision on the brand. Only five days in but have noticed an improvement on my HIIT aches and pains. Will review again once I’ve used more. 👍

  92. Lucy (verified owner)

    I bought this to hopefully help calm my extreme anxiety bouts and improve my sleep and it is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! I will be a customer for life.

  93. Nicholas West (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery and an entirely satisfactory product. The spray applicator works well and is not as messy as a dropper.

  94. Shirley Barrett (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the service and quick delivery from fourfivecbd. I ordered the CBD oil 500mg on behalf of my mother, it arrived next day and now she won’t be without it.

  95. Charlotte (verified owner)

    I was really struggling to sleep and lacked general motivation. Using this CBD oil has seen a massive improvement in the quality of my sleep and I’m slowly but surely seeing an improvement in my day to day energy levels as well. Would definitiely recommend.

  96. Malcolm Frener (verified owner)

    Brilliant products. I use tour cbd oil all the time and frequently use the muscle rub which brings instant relief every time. Keep up the good work guys. 👍😎

  97. Urs (verified owner)

    Too major things popped out at me – 1. Instantly noticed improvements with sleep patterns.
    2. As someone who runs long distance regularly, it immediately makes a noticeable difference with recovery.
    Very happy and will be buying more

  98. Mrs M D Obee (verified owner)

    My pain has lessened considerably since using CBD oil. I can now sit on a car journey without fidgeting and cant wait for the journey to end. I can walk without the constant stabbings pains in my leg. Well worth it and this was the lower dosage one.

  99. Mike (verified owner)

    Great product, good delivery option and even makes it through the letterbox

  100. Sharon Keen (verified owner)

    I’ve been using for a few days. First day really noticed difference with OA of my hip but after that back to normal. Hand pain and fatigue much improved. Maybe need to adjust dose for OA. Overall will buy again.

  101. Daniel Thorne (verified owner)

    Great product and really easy to take. Going to play around with strength/dosage to get the optimal effect. Will definitely be buying more products!

  102. Reiss (verified owner)

    Best I have used so far. Always had trouble sleeping but this knocks me clean out (in a good way)

  103. D. Hughes (verified owner)

    Delighted with this CBD product feeling much more active and a sense of well being would recommend it

  104. David Hughes (verified owner)

    This CBD oil has helped my well being considerably and I intend to carry on using it for the foreseeable future

  105. Stephen Vallance (verified owner)

    Pleased so far, a bit early to judge the overall benefits.
    I like the spray applicator method.

  106. Andrew

    Only recently started taking the product but it appears to be giving me more flexibility despite my arthritis and haven’t had any side effects so intend to become a regular user

  107. Wendy (verified owner)

    It’s only been a few days of taking CBD for chronic migraines linked to hormonal changes. It’s too early to say whether it will reduce their frequency but the first big test for immediate pain relief with an extra dose made the pain go away within 15 minutes. I could not believe that the pain dissipate so fast and that I was able to be active again. It’s been a long journey trying lots of different prescribed medications but this has an immediate effect without the side affects that opiates have. For the first time in ages I feel hopeful!

  108. Brendan Larkin (verified owner)

    Been taking CBD oil for a month now and definitely notice an improvement in my sleep. Also muscles are not as sore after exercise.

  109. Danny W (verified owner)

    I am very happy I have bought this CBD. It is to help me manage my sleep and anxiety better. I am looking forward to seeing how it works on me and I am also looking to purchase more for my family.

  110. Amanda Jones (verified owner)

    I only received my CBD oil 500mg last week but already noticing a difference. In the short time I’ve been taking it, it has improved my quality of sleep massively and I now wake up feeling refreshed and wide awake instead of like a zombie. I’ve also noticed a difference in my moods, my anxiety is nowhere near as bad as it used to be and I generally feel calmer and happier. Would definitely recommend this product.

  111. Colin (verified owner)

    Ist time purchased for wife. Taking a little while to get used to taste but easy to apply

  112. Hayley Oxlade (verified owner)

    Bought this for my dad – he has honestly said he has noticed the difference with his joints already. Mum wants in on the action now! Will be signing them up for a subscription!

  113. ALUN GABRIEL (verified owner)

    Find this really effective for relief of stiffness and getting back to training quicker. Particularly like the spray dosing as I can keep track of how much I’m using and adjust dose up or down according to activity.

  114. Alun G. (verified owner)

    Find this really effective for relief of stiffness and getting back to training quicker. Particularly like the spray dosing as I can keep track of how much I’m using and adjust dose up or down according to activity.

  115. Matt (verified owner)

    I’ve had many niggling injuries for years and suffered massively with migraine and joint aches and as a sports chiropractor am always looking for ways to heal faster. Since using CBD I have noticed a huge difference in my previous aches and pains and I heal much quicker than ever before.

  116. Paul Wilson (verified owner)

    This has been a fantastic addition to my recovery from training, my sleep and general wellness have significantly improved. Cheers Four Five 👍

  117. Paul (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Really helped with my recovery and sleep.

  118. Stephen Gray (verified owner)

    Bought this for my wife to help with chronic pain (fibromyalgia) for which she has been a long term user of NSAIDs. Had done a lot of research into CBD ( am a health professional) and selected fourfive as the best company to start the journey with. Their advice has been clear and simple to follow; this will be a long term process to build up dosage. Began with the 500mg size at 20mg per day, increasing by about 5mg per week. There have been no adverse effects, it’s well tolerated with existing meds and within first days had an underlying feeling of wellness. Severe pain reduction has not yet been reached but we are working towards the correct dosage. Have been very pleased with the product and the service and will be ordering the next strength bottle shortly. The spray dose is really easy to use and control your dosing.

  119. Simon (verified owner)

    fantastic! was given a bottle by a friend to try and ended up buying my own. Really helps just before bed with sleep.

  120. Thomas Mulhern (verified owner)

    Great and efficient way to introduce CBD Oil into your daily routine. Have found my joint pain eased and from that an improved mood and sleep pattern. Highly recommended and will now move onto the larger bottles.

  121. Izzy Jeffs (verified owner)

    Only been using the spray for a week. Gradually upping the dose and didn’t feel alot to start with. I think I feel calmer and more relaxed but not sure, time will tell.

  122. Loris-Jake Mears (verified owner)

    Great product with a great taste, really made a difference in a short space of time. Joints are feeling less painful and stiff

  123. N1cko (verified owner)

    It’s better than some hight st alternatives,will be getting 1000mg this time round thou . Wife really likes the orange flavour , only thing is , I prefer a pipette to the spray bottle . Good full spec oil .

  124. Sam (verified owner)

    First week using your product and cbd oil , so far seeing positive results , feel like I’m recovering faster and sleeping better.

  125. Stephen (verified owner)

    Early days. But aches and pains have eased. And sleep comes more easily.

  126. Terry Chapman (verified owner)

    Fantastic to help with my Chrons and the aches and pains associated with it.

  127. Marilyn harvey (verified owner)

    Immediate relief from muscle pain and headache. Gradually reducing injury hip pain. Will see how far this goes as only one week of use.

  128. Nicola (verified owner)

    Ive had the 500ml, 1000ml and 2000ml (at seperate times LOL) for anxiety and they all work, im just trying to find the right strength that suits me, they deliver quick and are a trusted seller, it does really do wonders for anxiey with exercise and self management

  129. Henry K (verified owner)

    Excellent quality product and service. Highly recommended.

  130. Stuart (verified owner)

    A great taste and the measured spray dose is much easier than the traditional dropper you get with most oils.

  131. Chris Heath (verified owner)

    I’m unsure of the impact it has had on my inflammatory arthritis, but a very welcome side effect it has virtually eliminated my frequent heartburn. I’m not sure if this is a known benefit? I’m considering getting the next strength up, plus the vitamin D. Due to recommendations about vitamin D and COVID-19.

  132. Ferris Hall (verified owner)

    Ive been taking for a week and can see and feel that this will help with work anxiety and old rugby injuries! I have found it easier to get to sleep also

  133. [email protected] (verified owner)

    So far so good with the product. Bought it to help me with sleep and anxiety and I have to say the first 4 nights have been really good. I’m getting into deep sleep which I haven’t done for a long time. Also helping with recovery after the gym.

  134. Carl Cunningham (verified owner)

    Easy to take (spray), great orange flavour

  135. Kate C (verified owner)

    This is an easy product to use and I think I am noticing a benefit with my long haul covid health issues. I have been combining it with capsules. I would have appreciated an indication of how to dose, other than the maximum daily dose. Other supplements state a suggested daily dose, so I think it is reasonable to ask for this information here too.

  136. Paul Frewin

    great product and service early days to appreciate the benefit and have used other cbd oils so hope this lives up to the rep!

  137. EBrown (verified owner)

    Great product for anxiety management, really feel the difference after a few days, would highly recommend!

  138. Gus (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Have been using cbd for the last year and a half to help with post concussion symptoms and this is the best one I’ve used so far! Helps elevate the headaches and anxiety

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