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If you’re the kind of person who puts your body through the wringer on a daily basis, our CBD Joint Gel & Muscle Rub Box has everything you need to help you support and maintain you through the highs and lows of your active lifestyle. Each box contains two of our popular topicals: CBD Joint Gel and CBD Muscle Balm.

Save up to 30% when you purchase these items together—your body (and your wallet) will thank you for it.


We put together our CBD Joint Gel & Muscle Rub Box for all the athletes, workout warriors, and never-stop-moving types out there. Whether you’re a first time user or long time lover of CBD you’ll appreciate each special product in this bundle:

CBD Joint Gel

Our CBD Joint Gel is a gel for wrists, elbows, shoulders, and anything else that bends. Made with 300mg of lab-tested CBD isolate, each 100ml bottle comes with an easy pump application that makes it easy to use just the right amount. Enjoy the heating/cooling sensation and fresh, clean scent of capiscum and menthol essential oils—plus the peace of mind that comes with knowing our Joint Gel is certified to be free of banned substances by BSCG, the world’s premier anti-doping agency.

CBD Muscle Rub

Our CBD Muscle Rub is a balm that does it all. Not only can you feel the soothing affect of menthol, but it also nourishes your skin as it works. You’ll get 300mg of pure CBD isolate in each tub, along with Vitamin E and a whole range of essential oils. The menthol adds a nice cooling touch, and the fast-absorbing formula means you won’t have to deal with any sticky residue. As if that weren’t enough, our CBD Muscle Rub also comes with BSCG certification, so you can be confident about using it whenever you need.

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10 reviews for Hot-Cold CBD Topical Combo

  1. Anthony Machin (verified owner)

    CBD oils and treatments have been around a while now and I have always been sceptical of this type of treatment.. until now. I suffer with a bad back having ruptured two discs and fractured three vertebrae after a fall from height Chiropractic treatment has only eased things a bit. Voltarol was least useful at best in pain relief. Using the joint gel in the morning before work has made my active working day tolerable again. The gel is easy to apply and is absorbed quickly.It doesn’t stain clothes like dragon or tiger balm
    but warms quickly and remains so unlike deep heat, efficiently and quickly soothes aching joints. After a week of constant day time use the pain is subsiding on a daily rate. Of an evening I use the CBD balm to nourish and calm the aching muscles after a hard day’s graft and this works a treat. The blend of oils also absorbed into the skin leaving no residue and the light menthol/fruit fragrance is relaxing but not over powering.

  2. SYLVIA HUGHES (verified owner)

    excellent products works very well would recommend

  3. Ross Walker (verified owner)

    Brilliant combo of soreness helpers. Used the oil for a while now but the joint and muscle treatments are incredible also. A little goes along way and pretty much instantly releoves any aches or issues I’ve got after years of abusing my body playing rugby and training. Another top bit of gear from the lads and FourFive.

  4. Aoife Keating (verified owner)

    Great product, with no staining and a nice scent. Really helps my joints and muscles

  5. Paul Finnie (verified owner)

    Used after exercise to ease some tightness in ankle joints and elbows. Heat def helps and last a long time. Good for bedtime as the smell is also very soothing. Recommend.

  6. Scott (verified owner)

    The Thermo gel works well and I like the scent. The addition of capsicum is great and long lasting although as a side note if capsicum creams only are your thing then there’s stronger creams available. The scent is also a bonus as it’s quite pleasant and there appears to be no staining or residue.

    The menthol cream is really nice and great to use on tired legs. The fragrance is also very nice, subtle and not overpowering. I actually prefer this to the CBD Balm.

    Overall very pleased with these two additions to my ever enlarging four five locker.

  7. Hannah Mason (verified owner)

    I wasn’t expecting this to work as well as it did as I have mechanical back problem so was always expecting there to still be some pain but it really did relieve all the tension and aching in my back muscles. The heat one was incredible. I had a pain in my shoulder from just a normal pull and after an hour it had gone and didn’t come back. A friend tried it and she said she still had warning sensations the next day

  8. matt shore (verified owner)

    Bought the Topical Bundle. The muscle balm is awesome post workout and I use the heat topical on occasion for any joint niggles. Its very effective and the heat one super hot, so you dont need a lot for it to work its magic! Great value bundle too! Thanks Guys!

  9. Barbara Williamson (verified owner)

    I have been using the CBD muscle rub for some time now and found it very effective. I have 5 protruding discs in my spine and I have found that the CBD oil and muscle rub have really eased the pain. Now I am using the Thermal Joint Gel, which I use on my damaged knee ankle as well, the pain from all of these is very much in control. Thank you.

  10. Asif Shah (verified owner)

    This is the second time i have used these 2 products and i have been noticing that it has helped me with a lot of difficulties and i recommend that if you have any joint or muscle pains this is the best pain relief. i use the joint gel before my workout at the gym and them the muscle rub after my workout and again in the evening. I lift heavy weights and can feel the difference these products can make.

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