Trucker Cap


Classic style with a casual feel – fourfivecbd’s trucker cap really is the cherry on top. With their impactful logo, an adjustable fit, and a durable, quality build, these trucker caps are the ideal wellness accessory. But more than that, they’re a message, a mantra, a mindset – to get you motivated and keep you dedicated to your goals.

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With a simple, flawless, and bold design, these caps convey a direct message, the fourfivecbd message – stick to your goals, remember your determination, get up and keep going. Every time you put one on for exercise as well as downtime, you can glance in the mirror and know that you too can rest, recover, and rise.

So besides being able to keep your hair out of your eyes, keep the sun from causing damage to your beautiful visage, and keep your down time or exercise fashion sensibility totally on point, what else can we tell you about these caps?

  • Curved visor for perfect protection from the sun, wind, rain – you name it
  • Made of breathable material
  • Durable build to see you through workout after workout
  • Unisex
  • One size fits all with adjustable straps for a personalised fit

fourfivecbd knows that deep down we’re all made equal in the pursuit of our personal wellness goals – no unhealthy comparisons allowed. Sizing yourself up beside others will only take your attention away from your own goals, expectations, and a healthy self-image. That’s why unisex was the only choice for their clothing products.

Like with all of fourfivecbd’s products, they believe that simple, pure, conscious production is crucial. It’s not just something they keep in mind with their CBD based products, but is something they carry with them in all of their pursuits. So, don’t expect to find any superfluous fabrics here – just simple, durable, breathable perfection.


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