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We love using CBD as part of our daily lives, and we love sharing this natural alternative to to people looking to maintain active lifestyles. We want to help fuel an increasingly widespread wellness revolution. As such, we’ve made this our dedicated mission, and so can you.

Since 2018, we’ve been working hard to create the most premium, high-quality CBD products not just for athletes, but all the active. fourfivecbd is focused on creating full and broad-spectrum products that are always vegan-friendly, as well as pesticide and herbicide-free. We want to champion honesty and transparency, too, so we make our third-party tested lab reports readily available to anyone and everyone.

Our CBD muscle rub has been thoroughly tested for cross-contamination of banned substances and is certified by the Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG). The BSCG is considered one of the highest authorities in dietary supplement certification and Olympic drug testing, and fourfivecbd is the first brand to become part of the BSCG Certified Hemp program. We will be looking to add to this range as 2020 unfolds, with releases scheduled for March and August.

Our range of products also includes full and broad-spectrum CBD oils, balms, and capsules that are designed in response to the growing number of athletes and non-athletes alike turning to CBD for injury-related pain.

fourfivecbd CBD Oils

Our unique 30ml spray-application CBD Oils come in three strengths because we know that not all needs are the same:

  • Lower: 500mg (1.6%)
  • Medium: 1000mg (3.3%) - 0% THC available.
  • Higher: 2000mg (6.6%)

Our full-spectrum CBD oil formulas contain a range of CBD strengths as well as a treasure trove of other active plant botanicals and cannabinoids, ensuring users are graced with an amazingly powerful ‘entourage effect’ that increases the CBD’s overall performance. In addition to the full-spectrum CBD oils, we also provide a 0% THC oil which is specially designed for tested individuals that are also looking to use CBD based products.

fourfivecbd CBD Balm

We have created an all-natural CBD balm for anyone and everyone who is looking for relief from the strain caused by athletic training or working, and moreover protection against further damage. Our balm is used by our customers to manage the stresses and strains that naturally come along with maintaining a fast and furious lifestyle. Applied topically, the balm is absorbed through the skin receptors to get to work in the immediately affected area.

  • 300mg balm

The mixture of carefully curated natural oils and waxes help create a product carefully designed for the needs of our customers. Quick absorption into the skin makes this balm great to use anytime, even during a training session, and does not leave behind a thick finish on the skin.

Vitamin E and other oils nourish the skin and provide nutrients for the skin and muscles to use to manage the strains of an active lifestyle.

fourfivecbd CBD Capsules

Our CBD Capsules use our high quality, broad-spectrum CBD - C02 extracted and infused with inulin powder. They are easily absorbed and digested stay in your system for longer than CBD oil. Again available in two sizes to match all needs, these capsules are easy to take and even easier to dose:

  • 30 Capsules - 300mg (10mg of CBD in each capsule)
  • 60 Capsules - 600mg (10mg of CBD in each capsule)

What Makes fourfivecbd Different?

Our brand tells the story of our journey through injury, recovery, and the desire for all-natural alternatives for all those looking to boost their active lifestyles. fourfivecbd was born based on a startlingly simple and innovative truth - Athletes and enthusiasts alike are looking to boost their active lifestyles, but in a clean, sustainable and healthy way.

We have played and trained through injury and pain - accumulating an impressive 12 surgeries between the two of us during our careers as international professional rugby players. In an attempt to manage our symtoms through the highs and lows of our careers, we turned to the healing power of CBD. We both found CBD so beneficial in maintaining balance during the trials of professional sport that we established their very own CBD company. fourfivecbd sells products for CBD lovers made by CBD lovers, and if you love CBD’s potential as much as we do, please get in touch!

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